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A couple fell in love with country living at Birnam Mews, Stratford-upon-Avon

Jade and Ollie were ecstatic after finding their dream home at our Birnam Mews development in Stratford-Upon-Avon and are loving country living after making the move from Luton.

Whilst living with Ollie’s parents for the past three years, the couple decided it was time to look for their first home after Jade accepted a business opportunity which would see the couple moving to Stratford-upon-Avon. Saving as much as they could for a deposit, they knew it just wouldn’t be enough to own a home outright in the heart of Warwickshire and they may need to compromise on what they were looking for.


“A few years ago, Jade brought me a lovely birthday present to stay up in a hotel up here in Warwickshire. We travelled around and fell in love with the surrounding area that we’re in today, but we never thought we would be able to afford the houses in the area as they are quite pricey.”

During their research phase they came across Birnam Mews and booked a viewing to see the development and show home. When they arrived, they were both taken back by the quality of the build and assuming they made a mistake by going to the wrong development and were pleasantly surprised at how affordable it really was.  


“When we made our drive up here, I said to Ollie, we’re not meant to be here, it’s too expensive, we’re looking at the wrong one and then double-checked the address and still thought this was wrong. We couldn’t leave as it was little rude, so we looked at looked around the show home and completely fell in love with it as soon as we walked in and I nearly cried. We later found out that we really could afford it and here we are.”

Jade and Ollie have now purchased a 40% share of a 2-bedroom house through L&Q’s Shared Ownership scheme at Birnam Mews, Stratford-upon-Avon.

 “After we viewed the house and fell in love with the place, we went back to the office with our agent and they explained that shared ownership option was for us because we couldn’t afford a house elsewhere outright and we were like, we really want to buy the house. We were then showed the share ownership options and realised that we could actually afford it at a percent share of the house, and it made a lot of sense to go down that route of shared ownership.

Now that the couple have settled into their new home, Ollie describes his favourite things about Birnam Mews, and their house:


“I really fell in love with the big garden. We have so much land and hopefully, when the sun come out we can have nice big BBQ and have all our friends around and also plan to build extra bits for the future. Teach our kids how to ride a bike.

We also have the bedrooms upstairs that are of a very big size. One has a nice en-suite and the other bathroom is big as well, with a shower and bath. Couldn’t ask for much more, it’s amazing. 

We looked at other developments prior to coming to Birnam Mews and the one big difference we noticed, is space. There’s just load’s of space between the houses, the houses themselves are big, they are very generous with their space, it’s just really nice. The gardens are big, the front plot and even the roads are not small and nice and spacious.” 

Looking ahead, Jade and Ollie know they’ll be staying at Birnam Mews for the foreseeable future:

“We have a 40% share now and L&Q have shown us a wonderful staircasing option for when we decide to own more share of the property in the future”.

Commenting on their experience with L&Q, Jade says:

“The communications with L&Q was amazing especially down to our agent Lisa, who was absolutely fantastic. We would speak with her daily from start to finish with any questions we had and if I was stressed, she put me at ease. Even now, we still have a lovely catch-up over the phone. 

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