All homes at L&Q at Consilio are 100% sold. Discover our available Shared Ownership homes in Warwickshire

“What we love most about the development is having the best of both worlds – you can be in the countryside but at the same time you are very close to town”.

Ross and Asha had been renting in the nearby village of Studley when they realised that they decided to buy their own home instead of renting for the foreseeable future, making more financial sense.

“Picking up the keys felt fantastic, the day we got the keys we walked into the house and it felt amazing. I couldn’t believe that this was our house, it wasn’t a rental property, it wasn’t somebody else’s, this was ours.”

Having a look around the housing market in Stratford-upon-Avon and visiting a number of different developments, the couple decided that buying a Shared Ownership with L&Q made perfect sense with what L&Q offered compared to others in the area.

“We looked at various other properties and we compared them to the ones at L&Q and we found that L&Q offered a lot more value for money. Larger rooms, larger outdoor space, nicer looking houses and that’s why we decided to move here and L&Q have the heart to help couples like us to get onto the ladder.”

Ross and Asha, brought a 25% share of a 3-bedroom Shared Ownership house with L&Q at Consilio after finding out more about how Shared Ownership would benefit them in buying their first home:

“When I first came across Shared Ownership I wasn’t that keen on it as it didn’t feel like a good deal to buy a small percentage of the house. On further investigation and talking to L&Q, it put my mind to rest and actually it was a great way to get on the ladder and buy our first property.

At the end of the day even if its Shared Ownership, it’s still yours and a part of it is still yours and it’s still your home.”

Having had their appointment at L&Q at Consilio in March, the couple managed to move into their new home within six weeks. Asha explains how L&Q helped them through the home buying process:

“Dealing with L&Q was one of the smoothest process we had to deal with. They were very supportive, straight forward and lots of our friends and people we know say that buying your first house is one of the most tedious things in your life but with L&Q it really didn’t feel like that and it was just so smooth and perfect.”

Now settled into her new home at L&Q at Consilio, the couple explain what they love about the house and the development.

“We love our new house but what I love most about our house is just the open space, the lounge is connected to the dining area to the kitchen and you know we are a young couple and in the near future we are planning on having kids and this is the perfect layout to be working in the kitchen and at the same time your child is in the lounge and its still a safe space and a sociable place.

I personally love the garden; the outside space can be great for kids to play around in and have BBQs and people over as well. The sociable part, you can just see from the kitchen to the garden, its open plan.”


Having 2 parking spaces is fantastic and allows us both to have a car, the large garden is brilliant, very good for socialising and having kids one day.”

Looking to the future, Ross and Asha see themselves living at L&Q at Consilio for the foreseeable future:

“We don’t really want to be the rigid couple but we are the type of couple who just likes puts plans in place. We have a plan of by two years’ time we are going to buy this much % and then probably our goal is 10 years on and we have 100% ownership.”

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