The key to happiness is a 16 minute commute according to research by Regus. The Isle of Dogs is located in an ideal place for commuters, being one of the most accessible locations to get to the rest of the capital, and offering so many different options to avoid a long, boring commute.


Crossharbour DLR is only a 7 minute walk from New Union Wharf, and offers routes into Canary Wharf (4 minutes), Bank (16 minutes) and London City Airport (24 minutes) all within half an hour.

Research has also proved those that walk or cycle to work are the happiest with their commute, with 86% of walking commuters satisfied with their journey to work, compared to 37% of those that use the train . And, as shorter commutes tend to increase productivity when workers reach the office, those that enjoy a walking commute will tick the most off their to-do lists and feel happier at work. For those living on the Isle of Dogs, residents can enjoy a relaxing walk to Canary Wharf in 24 minutes, and can take a leisurely cycle to work in just 7 minutes.

People looking for an alternative commute can jump on the Thames Clipper at Masthouse Terrace pier, where the boat runs all the way up to Westminster and Embankment. Boats run every half an hour from 5.57am, and the last boat pulls back into the pier at 11.44pm.


5 Tips for a Happier Commute

1. Colour your commute. Try and focus your mind more on the world around you, and give yourself a colour theme to look for while travelling. As you travel, look around and notice everything of that colour – flowers in a front garden, a dog’s lead, the branding of a supermarket…an excellent distraction from the man sitting next to you typing away very loudly on his laptop!

2. Avoid rush hour. Working from home has never been trendier, with flexible hours no longer limited to parents and carers. Starting and leaving the office earlier can be a good way to avoid the stress of the rush hour squash and, with the Isle of Dogs one of the best places for fast broadband in London.

3. Relax before you leave. Before leaving, take some time for yourself. Enjoy your breakfast, don’t just rush down a slice of toast as you’re running out of the front door! This will help to relax your mind before starting your commute.

4. Plan your day. As you’re travelling, keep your mind occupied and plan what you want to achieve in your day ahead. Keeping your mind busy during the journey will help to pass the time, and you will be extra prepared when you arrive at the office!

5. Or, just move home…If none of the above tips are working and you think the money spent on monthly train tickets could be better spent on a brand new pad closer to the office, why not do just that? Take advantage of the fantastic Zone 2 travel connections at New Union Wharf – and enjoy an extra 20 minutes in bed every day!