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"I thoroughly recommend L&Q and their shared ownership scheme, the quality of the property is amazing, the service from start to end was fantastic and I’m really grateful that I chose L&Q to buy my first property."

Vickie moved back to Milton Keynes over two and half years ago and decided to move in with her parents as the most affordable option available to her at the time as renting in Milton Keynes was highly expensive. With the support and advice from her parents, they recommended the Shared Ownership scheme to help Vickie get onto the property ladder and get her own space. Signing up to a Shared Ownership portal, Vickie came across Saxon Reach and found that it passed all her requirements and put her name forward to purchase a home there.

Vickie explains “I’d been driving past the development on my way to work, so when it flagged up that you could start purchasing a property there, I put my name forward. What attracted me to Saxon Reach was the location. I like to walk and moving here, I could walk to work every day. It’s also close to the little villages nearby and it is a nice area to be in.”


Vickie purchased 25% share of a spacious 1-bedroom apartment at Saxon Reach through the Shared Ownership scheme.


“I first visited Saxon Reach in May 2020 where I got the opportunity to view the show home and I got to see the look of what kitchen unit I’ll be having, how the floor would be and also the design and layout. I also got to see in person, what L&Q had to offer in their properties which and I especially liked the big windows, the lovely lighting and you see it is of great quality.”

When discussing the buying and moving process, Vickie explains her positive experience with L&Q.


I moved into my property in early 2021, and it honestly was the best day! I got to collect my keys in the afternoon, and I was with my sister which was lovely and it was beautiful. I got to open my door to my own home and I walked in and the experience and my feelings were overwhelming because it was better than I ever imagined, it was more than I ever could imagine or expected for my first property. It really truly was the best day.”


Vickie continues, “As a first-time buyer it was absolutely nerve-wracking thinking about buying a property, but I can’t recommend L&Q enough because they really helped me with the whole process.


The sales team was fantastic and spoke to me daily at the beginning of the process and they actually put me in touch with my mortgage broker, with my solicitors and they really put me at ease for someone buying their first property, they pointed me in the right direction, they gave me all the documentation I needed and if I had any questions, the sales office were there for everything I needed. No question was stupid or I didn’t ask too many questions about anything that the sales office was willing to answer anything and they supported me alongside the mortgage brokers and solicitors, they all worked together as one, which I found amazing and relaxed me completely by buying a property because I’ve never done it before.”

When asked what her favourite features of her new home are, Vickie remarks, “The thing I love most is that I have a hallway that leads into my property. Most flats, you walk straight into the front room when you open your front door but I don’t, I walk into a hallway which has got lovely large windows, so it really brings the sun and lighting through there, you then go onto my bedroom and once again, large windows, which is one thing L&Q don’t definitely scrimp on is the airy, bright feeling.


Vickie continues, “I have a balcony which was the main selling point for me because I love being able to sit outside to enjoy the summer, but it also gives a brilliant light into the room. Not only that, this beautiful property comes with parking as well. I’ve got my own space but when my family and friends come over, they also have somewhere to park too which is massively convenient and something again you don’t get with a lot of properties.”

Concluding on her new life at Saxon Reach, Vickie is making the most of the nearby villages and local amenities, “What I enjoy most about Saxon Reach is that the location is really close to work, I only have to walk for 5 minutes,  which for me was a big thing about moving into this area. It’s also surrounded by loads of little villages, which have these great little shops and great walking routes and you also get to enjoy the woods and the forest there as well. I could go for a walk or cycle which is something I like to do. There is also a retail estate which is just 5 minutes down the road, so I can walk and do my shopping, there are few little restaurants down there as well, so the location is one where I can work, I can walk and I can shop. Which for me, is all I want.”


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