Baking blogger and NHS Business Manager Kanwal, founder of the website and Instagram page,, had spent a decade navigating London’s competitive rental market before deciding that it was time to get onto the property ladder in a vibrant and well-connected East London neighbourhood.

As she explains, “I had been living in East London for 10 years, and I just loved the vibrancy and connectivity of the area, so knew that it was where I wanted to find my forever home.

However, when I first began my search about a year ago, looking in places like Aldgate East and Hackney, I was dismayed to discover that most properties were out of reach on my single income, or really weren’t very nice! It was disheartening to think that, even after 10 years of renting and saving for a deposit, buying in London might not be a realistic goal for me.”

Determined to do a thorough search, Kanwal spent time looking into all her options, comparing the financial requirements of buying on the open market, Help to Buy and Shared Ownership.

Using the Share to Buy property portal, Kanwal arranged viewings for several one-bedroom homes across East London.

She recalls “All the properties I initially viewed did not fit my criteria – mainly they were small, cookie cutter sized properties that were poorly laid out and felt very claustrophobic. I was desperate to find somewhere with a large kitchen, where I would feel inspired whilst baking and creating blog content.

“It wasn’t until I discovered L&Q at The Silk District – a brand-new development in Whitechapel, with contemporary and light-filled apartments available through Shared Ownership, that I was able to get excited.”

Speaking about what drew her to the development, Kanwal says, “I didn’t know Whitechapel particularly well, but the amenities on offer such as the on-site gym and cinema were too good to miss – it’s rare that you see anything like this with first-time buyer homes.

“The main selling points of L&Q at The Silk District for me were the courtyard gardens and huge balconies that face out over them. I knew I wouldn’t find anywhere else with such amazing access to green space in central London. The living space and bedrooms were the biggest I had seen, and the kitchen was modern and stylish and even came with integrated appliances – it really ticked all my boxes. L&Q had really thought of the people who would live there, rather than just delivering a collection of buildings.”

As a first-time buyer, Kanwal had lots of questions about the Shared Ownership process. Reflecting on her buying journey with L&Q she comments, “The L&Q sales team were incredibly helpful, especially Anna, who really was instrumental to my experience. She was quick to answer my questions and made the process really smooth – it’s safe to say that I chose my apartment because of her!”

Since moving into her apartment in June, just 4 months after her initial viewing, Kanwal has enjoyed settling into her new home.

“As a keen baker and cook, having a gorgeous kitchen/dining space has been a dream for hosting dinner parties. I’ve been able to keep trying out recipes and using the brand-new appliances that came with my apartment.

“Plus, the development is right in the middle of Whitechapel, close to the market where I can source ingredients and less than a 10-minute walk to the station, meaning I’m well-connected to the rest of London. At the weekends, I’ve taken walks to Columbia Road flower market and Brick Lane – it’s been fantastic discovering a new neighbourhood, whilst still in walking distance to my favourite East London spots.”

Speaking about her future at L&Q at The Silk District, Kanwal comments, “I already feel very settled in my new home. The development is perfect for me – having access to green space has changed the way I live my life and I feel very safe – what more could you ask for? I love this place!”