About L&Q

Our award-winning approach to design allows us to create thriving neighbourhoods and spaces and improve the life of everyone.

We have a proud history of delivering major residential developments and have been providing high-quality shared ownership homes since 1989 – helping people get a foot on the housing ladder.

L&Q is actively involved in every community we build. As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest the money we make into new and existing homes, creating and sustaining flourishing communities.

Find your new home with L&Q

A developer with a social purpose

L&Q is a regulated charitable housing association and one of the UK’s most successful independent social businesses. Our social purpose it at the heart of everything we do.

In response to the housing and affordability crisis, we’re working across the country to deliver 100,000 new homes over the next ten years – building entire neighbourhoods that help people live better lives in affordable homes they can be proud of.