It can be difficult to justify spending a fortune on furniture after purchasing a brand-new house or apartment, but we all still want our homes to look beautiful and be ‘guest-ready’ from day one! For those looking to save the pennies, there are plenty of ways to style your house on a budget. Read on to discover our top tips for adding those all-important finishing touches to your new home, at an affordable level…

Be Your Own Interior Designer!

There is a vast amount of digital or physical resources that can spark inspiration for your home’s interior, rather than hiring an expert to do it for you. The majority of supermarkets stock plenty of interior design magazines, including Decoration UK, Ideal Home and Homes & Garden – all packed with inspiration for colour schemes, patterns and how to best utilise space. Online, you can easily research a variety of home interiors, or even create a Pinterest board, letting you gather pictures of your favourite interior styles and decide which will suit your home best. No need to pay for a professional interior designer when you can give it a go yourself!

Charity Shops, Flea Markets and Online

Taking a trip to a local charity shop or flea market is the perfect way to source beautiful furniture and accessories enriched with character, at a bargain price! You might find pre-loved pieces that you didn’t know that you needed from Oxfam or the Salvation Army Charity Shop, both located on St Neots High Street, or take a trip to The Cambridgeshire Indie Flea, a pop-up market that takes place in Cambridge.

Alternatively, browse online at second-hand furniture sites including Facebook Market Place, Preloved and eBay – full of affordable homeware treasures! While you’re on there, why not also think about selling any old furnishings that no longer fit the aesthetic of your home? This will reduce clutter throughout your house, while allowing you to pocket the extra cash and put it towards much-needed new décor.

Get Creative

Another way to cut costs when decorating is to get creative. If you are the artistic type, don’t buy artwork when you can make it yourself! Simply purchase a canvas and get the paints pots out to create a piece of bespoke art to hang on the walls – totally unique, and a great talking point for your next dinner party! For those less confident in their painting ability, framing squares of patterned wallpaper is an easy and beginner-friendly hack to create an interesting gallery wall!

Go Green

Decorating with plants and flowers brings style and life to your home. A simple bouquet from the supermarket or a plant from Roxton Garden Centre (a 10-minute drive from Hooper’s Green) is a simple and affordable method to bring lots of colour to a room. Indoor plants have also been found to relieve stress and boost creativity and productivity* – the cost is minimal, but the impact is significant!