After living in separate homes whilst dating for several years, Kevin and Sonal knew it was time to take the next step in their lives.

Kevin explains; “I was living in Harrow and Sonal lived in Bexleyheath with her family. I was looking to move and rent a separate place near Bexley, but really the idea of buying together just made sense. It was really just a question of whether we could afford to.

Kevin and Sonal took their first steps onto the property ladder buying a four bedroom house at L&Q and Anderson’s The Quarry, located in the heart of Erith in the London Borough of Bexley. The Quarry is a collection of over 600 new homes and a state-of-the-art primary school breathing new life into a formerly disused quarry.

Recalling their first visit to The Quarry, Sonal says; “We have three children between us from previous relationships so having a home with enough space for all of us was essential. We were originally in touch with L&Q for a three bedroom house, and we had driven past The Quarry so many times that we just thought we might as well go for a viewing of one of the houses. We walked in and fell in love. It was so airy and bright – it just felt perfect.”

Built with modern family living in mind, all homes at The Quarry offer generous living spaces with separate, dedicated kitchen/dining and living rooms. Homes are flooded with natural light from large floor-to-ceiling windows – private gardens offer further opportunity to extend living spaces outdoors.

Describing their journey to home ownership, Sonal explains; “Our home was originally reserved but Mo from L&Q said she would let us know straight away if any reservations didn’t follow through. We got the call on the Saturday after our viewing that if we wanted to reserve we would need to as soon as possible. We put our reservation fee down immediately and got our paperwork through just a few days later.

“By the time we got the process going, it was late May and we were very keen to make the Stamp Duty holiday deadline. If it wasn’t for Mo, it wouldn’t have happened so quickly, we wouldn’t have our home. It feels like a miracle – no one can believe we bought a house in one month!

Kevin continues; “Mo kept in contact throughout the process and had such a good relationship with the mortgage brokers and solicitors that she was really able to help push things through. For example, our surveyor said that they couldn’t come down to the property until 30th June – Mo called and got them down the very next day! Our mortgage offer was accepted on the 25th June and we just couldn’t believe we had done it. We got the keys on 1st July and it’s felt like such a blessing.”

Now firmly on the property ladder and living together as a family, Kevin and Sonal recommend L&Q to those who think a home might be out of reach.

Sonal explains; “Dedication is key – if you’re determined to become a homeowner, you can do it. Our team was amazing and behind us all the way. If you’re buying a new build, we would 100% say buy with L&Q.

“We’re really looking forward to being together and being a family. It’s so nice to think, ‘yes, this is my home.’”