Moving to a new area is always daunting. Becoming familiar and settling into a new home takes time – whether that’s finding your local, knowing where the closest shop is or working our your new route to work.  That’s before you even consider what the neighbours are going to be like and if you will be welcomed into a new community!

However, a new build development is just as much about creating a new community as it is about building new homes. Developers recognise the importance of community, and thus often place as much importance on the placemaking elements of the site as the bricks and mortar of housing developments, through the creation of a whole range of benefits that help to create a sense of community and togetherness.

Making Place a Home

Much like when you start at university, when you move into a new-build house on a brand new development, your neighbours are likely to have recently moved in too – so chances are they’re just as keen to get to know people as you are.

Whether you’re a young professional, a couple with young children or beginning your retirement plans, your neighbours are on a similar new-build journey.

Our top tip is to make a point to greet your neighbours whenever you can and attend any community events being organised – before you know it you will have a plethora of pals you can call on for milk, sugar or any other essentials!

Communal Spaces

Many new developments are built to fit in with the surrounding countryside to provide residents with a connection to nature.

Not only is it lovely to see green space from your window, but this also provides opportunities to connect with the wider community. Parks, nature trails and green areas encourage people to gather, play and keep fit outdoors.

Beauchamp Park will offer a huge amount of landscaped green space and residents will also have access to a country park, which will act as a wonderful meeting point for future residents to build a community with their families, as well as promoting biodiversity and become a haven for wildlife to flourish.

Not limited to just Beauchamp Park is also part of the Warwick Gateway urban expansion which will provide a community centre and primary school – providing further opportunities for a community to develop.

More free time

With fewer DIY worries, you can use your time and finances to concentrate on enjoying life in your new community. Those period features in an older property can lose their charm when you’re constantly having to fix up. New-build homes are built with the latest energy efficient power and heating, so bills are lower – and newer windows, walls and roofs are less likely to need regular maintenance.

Think the new build life could be for you? Keep up-to-date with new launches at Beauchamp Park, a new community in Warwick comprising a collection of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes regularly hosts community events designed to help the new occupiers to meet the neighbours.