With the costs of living rising, new build homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst house hunters.


With Ofgem’s chief executive forecasting that energy bills will continue to rise (BBC, 2022), the energy efficiency of homes is now a key factor to consider when buying a property.

As well as benefitting from low maintenance requirements and a NHBC Guarantee, buyers of new builds can save a significant amount on their energy bills through the insulation, build quality, heating systems, and appliances.

How does this translate to a reduction in energy bills?

1 .Insulation

The minimum standards for new build homes mean they are better insulated than older properties.

Compared with just 3% of older properties, more than 80% of new-build homes achieve an energy efficiency rating of A or B (Zoopla, 2022). The superior building materials substantially reduces heat loss, making it far easier to regulate temperate, so not only are they more comfortable to live in, but require less energy to heat, which saves the homeowner money on energy bills.


Did you know that a new build home can save you 52%, equating to an average of £629 per year on energy costs? (Zoopla, 2022)

2. Quality, Sustainable materials

The use of sustainable building materials in new build properties is undoubtedly beneficial to the environment, but it also has an impact on your energy costs.

At Beauchamp Park in Warwickshire, homes are built with a timber frame which has proven to be far more efficient in terms of thermal performance and air tightness than traditional masonry. In fact, timber is thought to be 10 times more energy efficient than concrete and 400 times more than steel – two materials which are commonly used in the construction of older homes.*


3. Energy Efficient Appliances

Since the introduction of the energy label for home-based appliances, fundamental advances have been made in home-based technology, with new products often being awarded the top rating for energy efficiency (Euronics, 2022). As new appliances are often included as standard in new-build homes, buyers benefit from these more efficient models, enabling them to easily save money due to the lower running costs.

Homes at Beauchamp Park come complete with integrated appliances, including a dishwasher, fridge-freezer, oven, induction hob, and washer/dryer** enabling residents to focus less on running and purchasing costs, and more on making their energy-efficient house a home!


Did you know that nearly 70% of new build buyers say that the energy efficiency of the property factored into their house purchase? (Zoopla, 2022)

4. New Heating Systems

Older homes are usually heated by systems that are less energy efficient than new models, especially after decades of use. Similar to the benefits of newer and more energy-efficient appliances, newer heating systems are effective at reducing a household’s energy consumption by burning fuel more efficiently than older models (Energy Saving Trust, 2022).

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*World of Wood Festival
**Disclaimer: Gold specification homes at Beauchamp Park do not come with an integrated washer/dryer.