One of the most rewarding parts of moving into a new home is making the space your own. But where space is more limited, for example in apartments, we need clever hacks and solutions to make the most of the room available.

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to show you that bigger isn’t necessarily better, and how to make the most of your apartment dwelling experience.

Number 1: Zone your living space

Zoning your living space is especially important in open plan designs where often the kitchens/ dining rooms and living space are all in one. This makes for a fantastic entertaining zone, but when you need to combine socialising by night with working from home by day, it’s important that you have clearly defined zones. It’s called broken-plan and it’s the 21st century version of the old open plan, and can be done without having to call the builders in.

Try using colour blocking with paint on the walls, this can be a fun and vibrant way of defining different zones. Rugs are another great way of defining a space. Work out how much space you need for your sofa and chairs and buy a rug that sits fully under all the furniture in that area – and that clearly defines the seating area. Equally, the choice and style of rug can help to define spaces. A soft, fluffy rug would be best suited for a relaxing living space, whilst an antique pattern would be more suited to a more formal dining area.

Number 2: Get creative with colour

Smart interior styling techniques can make a room feel larger than it actually is. It’s common knowledge that brighter colours work well to make rooms feel larger, as they reflect the natural light. Meanwhile, darker colours might work well in a place with minimal natural light, to create a cosier, warm atmosphere.

Another clever hack is to add mirrors which will add depth to a room, reflect light, and lighten it up, giving the impression of greater space.

Number 3: Find a home with plenty of storage

A lack of storage is probably the biggest problem when it comes to apartment living. All too often there isn’t any in built storage, which is essential for storing the bigger household items such as hoovers and ironing boards.

At our new neighbourhood in Beaulieu, homes at The Arbour on the outskirts of Chelmsford, all have dedicated storage cupboards in hallways and feature built-in wardrobes in all master bedrooms. These dedicated storage solutions allow buyers to maximise on their apartment space and hide away clutter – which when on display can make a home feel very full.

Number 4: Introduce some nature

Indoor plants are extremely versatile, and a cheap way to give any room a face-lift while being kind to the environment. With all the various species and colours of plants, the possibilities are endless. For apartments or smaller houses, hanging terrariums are a great way of adding some plants into your home, especially if you don’t have a huge amount of space.

Number 5: Make the most of vertical space

Finally, when you’re more limited on square footage, be sure to maximise on the vertical space you have. Open shelving, statement artworks and large mirrors are all clever ways of making a room feel bigger and taller than it actual is – don’t be scared to be bold!