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New build gardens are probably the least inviting environment when you purchase your new home. Quite often they are left as a muddy patch for you to put your own stamp on, however this does give you a completely fresh canvas to work with. With a bit of vision and plenty of inspiration, it won’t be long until you can create your own green haven.


When we first moved into our home in 2016, it was Winter and we had been left with garden full of thick clay like mud, which I’ll be honest, we didn’t know what we were going to do with. So we started looking online, we made enquiries with landscapers and came up with a few of our own drawings for how we wanted the garden to look.

In March 2017, we took the plunge and began the process of landscaping. We decided against hiring professionals due to costs and instead we asked our family and friends for help. One of the selling points to our house when we were looking to buy was the size of the garden. It was a big plot for a new build and we were keen to have the extra space outside.

In having the larger garden it meant we were able to have an extended patio and lots of grass for the children to play on. We didn’t need anything fancy just useable space which in time would could style and modify to suit our needs. Once you have the foundations, it is easy to add to it and make a garden which is a joy needs. Once you have the foundations, it is easy to add to it and make a garden which is a joy to not only be in but too also look at.

Now that we had turf and a large patio, we began to consider our options for entertaining and dining. We created zones within the garden by looking at which areas received the sunshine and certain times of the day and thought carefully about how we wanted to use the space. I was extremely keen to ensure the garden was an extension of our home. So we situated our rattan sofa on the patio area directly outside the French doors leading out of the kitchen/diner. Our garden was West facing so we added a luxurious day bed, for those days when you want to soak up the sun. We also had a more shaded area, which was the perfect environment for the children’s garden toys.


Adding plants and decorative features to the garden is something which can take longer to establish. We started by painting our fences to add character, the paint chosen was a perfect match the surrounding rooftops of houses on the development and somehow created the illusion the garden was never ending. We also combined real plants with faux plants and trellis, which meant we didn’t have to wait for the garden to look grown.

Now, I am no Alan Titchmarsh, but I do enjoy a lovely garden and I believe that when you are looking at styling your new build garden, it’s important to do your research; visit garden centres, explore all of the wonderful gardens on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines but ultimately think about what it is that you want from your garden. Remember, a garden takes time to grow…each year you have the opportunity to expand on what you achieved previously and really make it your own.


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