L&Q is delivering 60 homes at Birnam Mews in Tiddington, Stratford-upon-Avon using off-site manufactured timber frames. All properties at Birnam Mews – ranging from 1 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom homes – are being constructed using Stewart Milne Timber Frames’ pioneering system, promising a more energy efficient build and significantly lower running costs for new residents. Crucially, for residents at Birnam Mews, the new homes are engineered to be draught-free and generously insulated, keeping homes warm and dry, as well as dramatically reducing running costs by 40% – making Birnam Mews a more affordable choice than other properties in the area.


Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any building system. A carbon-neutral building material, for every tree used in a timber frame home at Birnam Mews, three more are planted, creating a more ecologically friendly method of construction than typical concrete blocks and mortar.


Through the innovative building method, the frames of the new homes are constructed in a state-of-the-art facility in Oxfordshire, before being transported to the site and erected. Using precision engineered techniques in a controlled factory setting, this ground-breaking system allows L&Q to ensure that homes at Birnam Mews are built to a consistently high standard. The reliable construction method also means that less cyclic maintenance is required for homeowners; reducing annual costs for buyers at Birnam Mews. Once complete, the homes will be clad in a smart light coloured brick – making the timber frames undetectable in the finished product.


Accessible to a wide range of buyers, Help to Buy, Part Exchange and Assisted Move are available; giving hopeful buyers the opportunity to get on the property ladder at a lower cost in the innovative new district. Taking the stress out of selling your home, Assisted Move at Birnam Mews gives buyers the opportunity for L&Q to completely manage the sale of their property – from listing to completion – while through Part Exchange, L&Q will offer to buy the existing property directly from buyers rather than selling it on the open market.


Christine Osborne, Sales and Customer Services Director (Counties) at L&Q, comments: “We are proud to be partnering with Stewart Milne Timber Systems to deliver innovative new homes for our buyers in Stratford-upon-Avon. As well as significantly reducing household bills, off-site timber solutions are vital in addressing housing shortfalls – allowing us to deliver homes up to 30% quicker. We are pleased to be offering local residents the opportunity to purchase a high quality new homes in this village, paving the way for future new builds in the area.”


Debi Lama, National Account Manager at Stewart Milne Timber Systems, comments: “Our ambitious partnership with L&Q is not only reducing build costs for the Housing Association, meaning that the charitable organisation has more money to re-invest back into existing communities and other new homes, but is also delivering the highest standard of construction for buyers. We believe that L&Q are setting the standard for housebuilding in the UK, and look forward to seeing happy new residents on site at Birnam Mews.”

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