In the UK, around 22% of the country’s total carbon emissions come from our homes (1). With gas and electricity prices and the cost-of-living soaring, new buyers are increasingly searching for ways to keep their house bills and impact on the environment to a minimum. Demand for environmentally friendly homes is steadily rising, with almost two-thirds of UK households now saying they view an investment into energy efficient homes as an ‘attractive option’ to cut living costs (2).

Come with us as we explore some of the ways that new build homes can help to reduce your carbon footprint, and ultimately lower household bills!

Saving energy bills

Prioritising affordable living, many new builds properties are often fitted with much more efficient materials, fittings and fixtures, compared to older properties. LED bulbs and sensor lights help to cut electricity usage, while communal heating and water re-use systems can reduce energy consumption.

Most significantly, the majority of newbuild homes are constructed with double (or even triple!) window glazing and much more efficient insulation, ensuring that each home retains as much heat as possible. This enhanced insulation is so considerable that homeowners can reportedly save up to a whopping £2,600 a year on their energy bills. (3)


As well as being better for the environment, spending less money on bills means that new buyers will have more disposable income in their wallet each month – meaning there will be more cash in the bank for exploring their new neighbourhood, nights out in the city, or simply topping up their savings account!

Reduced carbon footprint           

New build homes are also significantly more energy-efficient than older properties as a result of modern building techniques, more effective construction materials and fully integrated energy efficient appliances, including ovens, induction hobs, extractor hoods, fridge/freezers, dishwashers and washer/dryers.

At L&Q, we are committed to adopting the most eco-friendly design for all our homes, in order to minimise our impact on the natural world.

Recent data from the Home Builder’s Federation shows that over 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions could be saved by purchasing a sustainable new build home over an older, less energy-efficient property (4). By purchasing a thoughtfully designed and well-insulated property, buyers can feel good knowing that they are helping the environment by reducing their individual carbon footprint!

Car Clubs

Lastly, car clubs are an effective way to reduce your environmental impact, as vehicles available for communal use tend to have lower emissions than private cars, helping to reduce air pollution. A more eco-friendly way to travel, on average, each car club vehicle replaces 20 private cars on the road (5).

Energy Efficient Homes at L&Q at Huntley Wharf

At L&Q at Huntley Wharf, a new riverside development located in the vibrant town of Reading, all apartments have been designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Constructed with specialist thermally efficient materials, energy-efficient LED lights, a communal heating system and high-tech window glazing, plus efficient appliances included as standard, L&Q at Huntley Wharf is a great choice for those looking to purchase a newbuilds

All residents at L&Q at Huntley Wharf also have access to Co Wheels, a pay-as-you-go community car hire scheme, allowing individuals to travel without being caught out by the hidden costs of owning a car.