Recent research from NimbleFins shows that UK car owners spend an average of £3556 per year running their vehicle, including the cost of repairs, car insurance, and motor vehicle road tax. *

The costs associated with car ownership are partly responsible for a boom in popularity of car clubs in the UK, with membership numbers more than doubling since 2018 to reach more than 630,000 in 2021.** More than 6,000 car club vehicles are now in operation across the UK, according to shared mobility charity CoMoUK.

Reading locals are the latest to enjoy the smarter alternative to car ownership, via the car club Co-Wheels, located just 250 metres from L&Q at Huntley Wharf. The service allows individuals to easily access the independence and freedom of driving, without worrying about the hidden costs of the car’s upkeep.

What’s more, the surge in popularity for sharing cars is helping to cut congestion and pollution, CoMoUK said, with each car club vehicle replaced 18.5 private cars on the road – supporting a cut in carbon emissions from vehicle ownership.***


Having easy access to a vehicle is useful for those concerned about being late to an important meeting, professionals looking for flexibility in their working day, or anyone looking to make picking up their local supermarket shop that bit easier. Alongside using it for a flexible commute, hopping in a Co-Wheels vehicle is a great way to explore Reading and the surrounding areas. Using Co-Wheels, residents can spend a Saturday exploring the historic grounds of Basildon Park, the leafy green space that is perfect for a picnic on a warm day at Beale Park, or learning about the history of the local area at the Museum of English Rural Life.

For an adventure further afield, the villages of the Cotswolds are just over an hour away by car, the ideal distance for a weekend break.

By making use of Co-Wheels, residents at L&Q at Huntley Wharf can claim all of the benefits of owning a car (including a weekend away with friends), while avoiding the hidden costs of upkeep.

To find out more about L&Q at Huntley Wharf, click here

*Research form NimbleFins, 2022
**Inews, 2021
***CoMoUk, 2021

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