We know that selling – and moving – can be a complicated and often stressful process for our customers, and we’re always looking for ways to make it a little easier.


Our Counties team have partnered with leading property management experts Move with Us, who specialise in Part Exchange and Assisted Move, to help those who are looking to sell and move into an L&Q home at selected developments across Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. We spoke with Jade Wright, Head of Client Relationships at Move with Us, about the benefits and differences of Part Exchange and Assisted Move, and how Move with Us could help you with your next move.


Who are Move with Us?

At Move with Us, we partner with national housebuilders, like L&Q, who believe that their customers should enjoy a hassle-free buying and selling experience when purchasing their new build home. Essentially, we work with customers buying a private sale home who have an existing property to sell, so that they can move into their new home as soon as possible, and get the best possible price for the home they are selling. 

Move with Us offers plenty of benefits for customers – from savings on estate agent fees and providing a guaranteed, time efficient completion date with no late renegotiations, to gaining impartial and factual advice on the sale of your home. 


How does it work?

Whether you opt for our Part Exchange or Assisted Move service with L&Q, you’ll receive the same impartial and factual valuation report, ensuring that your previous home achieves its full market value. The first step as part of the Move with Us process sees us compile thorough, in-depth research into the home you are going to sell. This is then presented to you and to L&Q, and to your estate agents if you select our Assisted Move option.

Rather than being led by individual agent motivation, our precise valuations give you an insight into how your home is priced, looking at what other similar properties are on the market, what has been sold recently, and the average time it has taken for each home to sell. Showing you the demand and the competition in the area, we’ll provide non-biased advice on the best price to sell your home, and make sure the sale remains within the agreed time frame.

Once we’ve completed your market appraisal report, you can then choose whether to proceed with either Part Exchange or Assisted Move, depending on which better suits your personal circumstances. 


What is Part Exchange?

Based on the independent valuation report of the home you’re selling, Part Exchange means L&Q will provide you with a cash offer for your home at a set price – taking away the uncertainty of potential late renegotiations on price and a short notice moving date.  

L&Q will purchase your home from you, guaranteeing a buyer and setting a move-in date for your new home.

Buyers often opt for our Part Exchange service due to the certainty that it provides. With the timescale and price agreed up front, customers aren’t having to consider buyer motivations or any potential unforeseen delays or issues in a chain, as is often experienced. The Part Exchange service also gives our customers a smooth transition into their new home, allowing you to hold the keys to your old property for 7 days.


What is Assisted Move?

Opting to use L&Q’s Assisted Move with Move with Us means that customers will put their home for sale on the open market as normal – but with additional benefits. These include access to our dual estate agency marketing, no estate agent fees, and ensuring you get the full value of your home, along with Move with Us’ continued unbiased advice. 

We’ll advise you which estate agent is best suited to sell your home based on our market data ‘Agent Selector’ giving you the choice – based on the average time each agent takes to sell a home, their market share, and the typical property they sell. Customers will be able to select two estate agents, creating a competitive sales atmosphere, which ultimately leads to our customers receiving the very best price for their home. 

You also won’t be tied into any fixed contact, giving you the flexibility to manage your own agents. We’ll be on hand to advise you on when the right time to accept an offer is, and will support you with any price negotiations that may take place.


Move with Us has been working with housebuilders for 21 years, and so far, we’ve helped over 30,000 people with their moves. For more information on how the incentive could help you with your next move, contact the L&Q Sales Team at Birnam Mews and Saxon Reach who will be able to talk you through the process further.

Move with Us is currently available on L&Q Counties schemes at Saxon Reach and Birnam Mews. Additional offers are also available, including a ‘Home of The Month’ scheme, which can include incentives such as a £99 reservation fee, a free furniture pack, cashback or service charge holidays, and mortgage payment contributions.*

L&Q’s Sales Team are on hand to help you at every step of your home buying journey. Visit the dedicated development pages for Saxon Reach and Birnam Mews to find out more information on our currently available homes.

Jade Wright – Head of Client Relationships at Move with Us