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Our latest In the Know blog sees expert organiser Rachel Burditt, aka Declutter Darling, talking through her top tips for organising your space, following her recent trip to our Saxon Reach show home.


With a passion for restoring order and calm into your home and work space, Rachel loves nothing more than tackling clutter and creating a clear and positive atmosphere.

The new homes in Milton Keynes are designed to L&Q’s Quality Standard – we take pride in knowing that we are handing over your home equipped with everything you need from the very first day of living in it, including fixtures, fittings and essential appliances as standard.  

Moving into a new home offers a unique opportunity to sort and store all your belongings from scratch – so we’ve asked Rachel to share her favourite organisation products on the market, the perfect additions to the ample storage already found in all our homes. 

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”

I am a firm believer that having an organised and clutter free home does wonders for your mental health – reducing stress as well as helping you to accomplish tasks and be on time!

Recently, I spent a wonderful day at L&Q’s Saxon Reach show home in Milton Keynes, implementing my organisation and storage solutions into the new house to show how you can get things in order and maximise available space.

Following my visit, I’ve pulled together a top 5 affordable high street storage items to help declutter your home:

  1. Wilko 3 Tier Rectangular Kitchen Organiser – £4.50

This item is an absolute game changer for your kitchen cupboards.

This Wilko organiser is a three tiered shelf, perfect for stacking all your tins in downward stopes. Easily accessible, you can open your cupboard and see exactly what you have in one glance – no more lost tins of beans or out of date spices!

  1. Eden & Willow Glass storage Jars with cork lid – From £2.95

These jars are beautiful to look at and serve a great purpose in your kitchen. I use these to decant grains and pulses into, such as lentils, pasta and porridge, as well as sweets and treats for the children.

These come in a range of sizes and also have an airtight cork lid, which is especially important for perishable goods.

  1. Amazon Velvet Hangers – set of 50 for £23

What’s not to love from a streamlined look of a wardrobe?

These hangers are extremely slim, so will give you so much more hanging space than any clunky wooden or plastic hangers, creating a minimalistic feel to your wardrobe. Strong and non- slip, you can turn your focus to colour coordinating your clothes for a truly instragammable wardrobe!

  1. John Lewis – The Home Edit & iDesign Divided Turntable Storage Container – £22


Toiletries seemingly multiply over time, so this Lazy Susan-inspired storage can help you find products simply and efficiently. Designed with practicality in mind, there’s no excuse to have your bottles strewn around your bathroom sink – everything is in one sleek (and swivelling) place.

  1. Primark Woven Belly Baskets – £8


As a professional organiser, I can honestly say that these baskets from Primark tick every box for me. Affordable, large and sturdy, they can be used in so many different areas of your home.

Being light and breathable, they are perfect for the laundry cupboard and great for storing endless towels. A great tip is to roll the towels and store them vertically in the baskets, rather than folding.  Not only do they take up so much less space, you won’t cause a towel avalanche when you try and pull one out!

I hope you find these products as helpful as I do for organising your home – and that I have inspired you to get sorting!


Looking to visit an L&Q show home? You can view a full list of our available developments here  and contact our Sales Team for more information.