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"In order for us to buy this house, we needed a 25% deposit which we didn’t have as we only had 5% but with the Help to Buy scheme we were able to get the extra 20% through an interest-free loan."

Reece and Charlotte, a young married couple from Milton Keynes found a silver lining to the pandemic over the past year which jump started their decision to save their money which would have contributed to a few holidays and nights outs and instead put it towards their first house together at Saxon Reach. Having spent the last 4/5 years in a small flat which lacked the space they needed when Reece had a career change and needed to work from home, this was the final nail in the head and the couple decided to make the move last year.


Charlotte explains “We decided that we could always have holidays later on as we’re still quite young, so we decided to get a house now and then with Reece’s job change, we then decided that we needed more space and now we have one of the rooms here as an office which is ideal because, back at the flat, we were using one room for getting ready, an office, where we put the washing, so, yeah it was the right time to move.

The couple sought to find another Shared Ownership and came across Saxon Reach, when they spoke to the L&Q sales team, the couple were made aware of the Help to Buy scheme which perfectly suited Reece and Charlotte.


Reece commented, “We actually came to look at some of their Shared Ownership homes and it wasn’t until we spoke with the sales team who told us about Help to Buy and said we have some properties on sale. We had a look and walked around it and we’re actually like, yeah, this works for us, this is cool, yes, we’ll have it.”


Charlotte continues, “We went back to the sales office and we had another conversation about it and on the same day we came back and had another look around and in that moment we we’re like, yeah, this is our home.”

The couple purchased a spacious 3-bedroom Townhouse at Saxon Reach through help to Buy scheme.


“As it’s just the two of us, we’re actually using the downstairs which would be a kitchen living room and using this as a kitchen/diner. One of the rooms is an office and the other one we’re using as a cosy lounge area and the top floor is our bedroom with the ensuite. We also have a lovely garden and especially, with a new-build property, we didn’t expect to get the size that we did. The best part is that we can do whatever we want with it as it’s a blank space. We’re also excited that we have our own parking space and able to park 2 vehicles which is handy, as Reece can have his work van and our car on there.”

When discussing the buying and moving process, the couple explain their positive experience with L&Q.


“The sales process went really smoothly with L&Q, we had Roxanne as our sales associate, she was so helpful. If there were any questions or queries, we had, she was at the other end of the phone and able to talk us through anything really and she really was quite good. And, it really wasn’t just her but the whole team here were ready to help via email, phone call and knew who we were and were able to pick-up and answer any questions. Move in day was manic, as they always are but we opened a bottle of champagne and toasted a drink with Reece’s parents who helped out and celebrated the fact that we made it and we’re finally in our home.”

When asked what her favourite features of her new home are and how it compares to living in their flat, Reece remarks, “I think that is the advantage of buying a property like this because it’s done to such a high spec,. which is great and you just move in, your white goods are there, your appliances are already there too and there is nothing else to do. Maybe a bit of decorating with a few pictures up on the walls but everything is done to such a high standard, it was just so easy and it was part of the attraction of getting this place because everything is of high quality.


Reece continues, “Things we never had before, coming from a flat and it’s great. The garden being a massive one, we’ve never had any outdoor space to just chill out when it’s nice weather and at a flat you can’t do it. And now all of sudden, we’ve got a garden, we can sit outside and chill out in the sun and stairs, we’ve never had stairs before, it’s such a weird feeling that now we’ve got stairs. Charlotte add, that took us time to get used to, using the stairs to get to the top and it showed how unfit we are.”

Concluding on their new life at Saxon Reach, the couple are extremely pleased with the overall Glebe Farm development, Reece explains, “What attracted us to Saxon Reach was that it was a whole new development. We liked the fact that it’s a new home as we didn’t get that with our first home. We really wanted to come in and not do much to the place at all.”  Charlotte remarks, “The site is really nice as I can see the whole development, we’re going to get a school, some shops and a GP and there are so many people here, it’s a nice family-friendly environment. You always see people and say ‘Hi’, there is a little park over there which is really nice and I think that’s basically what really attracted us to the place.”

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