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Offering a plethora of benefits for purchasers, the townhouse is an increasingly popular choice for Britain’s buyers. Providing three  storey living, the property type caters to a wide range of purchasers, from first timers moving out of a rented home, to ​families with unruly teenagers requiring flexible space.

L&Q outlines the top ten benefits of living in these multi-storey marvels:


  1.   Adaptability –  As buyers’ households and lifestyle changes over the years, they need a home that is able to grow with them. With various different spaces and rooms spread across multiple floors, townhouses offer a layout that is adaptable; able to adjust to new family members, pets, jobs and hobbies. Townhouses offer the space for residents to modify rooms as their needs change; from creating a home office and fitness room to a children’s nursery and play area.


  1. A luxury retreat – The Master Suite is frequently one of the main ​draws for prospective buyers wanting a secluded hideaway away from the rest of the house complete with en suite, built-in wardrobes and additional storage.


  1. Your space, your way Townhouses ​ ​allow residents to create a space that perfectly suits their lifestyle, from ​selecting where they would like their bedrooms positioned to choosing which floor they’d like the lounge area on.


  1.  Furniture flexibility – The abundance of extra space mean townhouses can be flexible to furniture layouts, creating a unique space. Making an environment that best suits each resident individually is made easy with townhouse living, whether it’s installing a desk in the corner of the living space to create a tucked away home office, or distinguishing zones through furniture within the open plan layouts to create separate areas, residents can style their home to their exact tastes.


  1.   Keep the kids entertained in their own space – For families with teenagers or young children, the additional floor or separate living space can be transformed into a gaming room, or a den for children to get creative in. Without ​cluttering the shared living space, the play room can give the youngsters an allocated space to call their own.


  1.   Having guests to stay – The additional floor that townhouses provide can also be useful for taking care of ​elderly family members. For many buyers, keeping all of their oved ones under one roof is often a significant factor for families looking for a new home, and townhouses cater to this aspect.


  1.   Modern living – Open plan spaces have grown in popularity recently, with buyers noting the multiple benefits of a large room which caters to numerous functions. Open plan kitchen/dining areas create a modern communal family space as well as an entertaining space. Residents can host a dinner party with friends ​and socialise whilst preparing drinks or cooking dinner, thanks to the open layout.


  1. Green goodness –Townhouses are viewed as some of Britain’s most energy efficient homes, with shared walls making the homes more economical to heat; helping residents cut household bills, and reducing residents’ carbon footprint.


  1.   Relax, and enjoy the view –Three floor townhouses give residents extra height to take in panoramic views from their home, and at Saxon Reach in Milton Keynes, there’s over 6,000 acres of green space and parkland to enjoy.


  1. An extra floor for additional space –Often multi storey homes feature a smaller third floor, but the additional floor in townhouses at Saxon Reach matches the footprint of the rest of the property. Residents can enjoy three expansive floors with generously sized rooms, so that they can design each room to their own personal taste.

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