Welcome to Victoria Riverside

Laurus Homes, part of L&Q, is a quality builder in the North West of England.

Introducing Victoria Riverside, a captivating residential development nestled in the picturesque Irk River Valley, just moments away from the vibrant energy of Manchester City Centre. These exceptional apartments present an enticing opportunity to reside in an area that effortlessly combines the tranquillity of nature with the excitement of urban living.

  • Launching in late 2024 - register your interest to learn more!
  • A collection of new build 1 and 2 bedroom Shared Ownership apartments in Manchester
  • Carefully selected finishes, from premium finishes to contemporary fixtures, every detail reflects the highest standards
  • Close to Manchester city centre
  • Excellent transport links
  • Close to a range of amenities including a park, a convenience store, fitness centre and cafe

Coming soon - register your interest today to find out more!

About the development

Victoria Riverside, launching in late 2024, offers Shared Ownership apartments in Manchester City Centre. These one and two-bedroom homes cater to various lifestyles, providing comfortable and contemporary living spaces. Residents can enjoy captivating views of Manchester alongside the vibrant city life. Embrace the surroundings, relish the proximity to the city center, and explore all that this extraordinary city has to offer. Satisfy your culinary cravings with diverse dining options and immerse yourself in Manchester’s vibrant cultural scene through theaters, cinemas, art galleries, and museums. Stay connected with community events and markets, fostering a sense of belonging.

Discover the amenities

Experience ultimate convenience and comfort at Victoria Riverside. This exceptional development boasts an array of nearby amenities that elevate your daily life.

Victoria Riverside grants effortless access to a host of amenities within moments. Stroll to nearby parks and recreational spaces to immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. Explore grocery stores and markets for all your shopping essentials, and savor delightful treats at local cafes and bakeries. Essential services like pharmacies, banks, and fitness centers are conveniently situated nearby, ensuring your daily needs are easily met.


Discover the local area

Victoria Riverside, nestled in the city’s heart, offers captivating surroundings with an abundance of attractions. The Green Quarter seamlessly blends modern living with natural beauty, granting easy access to city amenities, from trendy restaurants to cultural hotspots. Nature lovers will find solace in lush green spaces and serene parks. In Ancoats, Manchester’s trendiest neighborhood, a vibrant creative atmosphere thrives. Refurbished warehouses host art galleries, music venues, and concept stores, while diverse international cuisines make it a gastronomic haven. Residents and visitors alike will be enchanted by these prime locations.

A well-connected city

Discover unparalleled travel convenience and seamless connectivity at Victoria Riverside in Manchester. Nestled in the serene Irk River Valley, this exceptional development offers idyllic riverbank walks and lush green spaces, along with unrivaled access to a comprehensive transportation network. Nearby trams, trains, and buses provide effortless connections to the city’s vibrant shopping districts, cultural treasures, and renowned dining scene. Whether you crave trendy cafes or fine dining, transportation at your doorstep makes it all easily accessible. Embrace a remarkable lifestyle where nature blends with travel opportunities, allowing you to effortlessly explore the city and beyond.