Beaulieu Parkway Bridge

On Monday 30th October, Chelmsford finally opened the Beaulieu Parkway Bridge which runs from the A12 at the Boreham interchange to the newly constructed estate in the Beaulieu area of Chelmsford.

With the new bridge now in position, this means that people travelling from the Beaulieu and Channels estates, as well as further into Springfield have easy access to the A12 running from Chelmsford North to Ipswich and South to London.

Beaulieu Parkway Bridge is the longest curved multi-span bridge over land in England and allows easy access to the planned Beaulieu Park Station, scheduled for completion in the coming years. The bridge is also part of a wider infrastructure project that also includes the railway station and a new north-east bypass.

Vicky Ford, Conservative MP for Chelmsford was at the bridge opening alongside local councillors from Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Council and the local parish council.

Ms Ford said: “It’s a really exciting day for Chelmsford. The bridge opened at around 6am and traffic is already starting to move over. It means that traffic won’t get stuck down at White Hart Lane which affects people over in Beaulieu and Springfield areas of the city.”

“Those people won’t be getting stuck in traffic each morning now. People from near to the bridge can also use it to get in and out of Chelmsford. It’s a major step forward for Chelmsford.”

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