Over 6000 primary school pupils across 23 different schools in Chelmsford took part in ‘Skip Hop Hurray’, a skipping festival to celebrate National Fitness Day on Wednesday 23rd September.

Active Essex is promoting this initiative in partnership with Chelmsford School Sport Partnership (CSSP), with support from Beaulieu, Chelmsford’s vibrant new district being developed by Countryside and L&Q.

Since March 2020, CSSP has put an emphasis on finding creative ways for children, teachers and carers to prioritise sports – helping them find ways to stay fit, healthy and happy through these challenging times. The partnership has supplied a weekly menu of varied activities, challenges, and ideas for physical activities for different age groups, as well as running virtual competitions for all ages. Beaulieu’s sponsorship has been key to helping the CSSP expand their programme of activity and deliver even more activities and events for the children and teachers they support across all 60 schools in Chelmsford.

Now pupils have returned to school, CSSP has created a multi-school skipping festival ‘Skip Hop Hurray’ with the aim of bringing accessible and safe sports back to children’s daily lives. The sports festival celebrates togetherness, team work, confidence and enjoyment in fitness. 53 schools across Chelmsford were sent routines to practice ahead of the big day – where the fields and playgrounds of Chelmsford schools will be filled with pupil’s taking part in a group skipping session.


Sara Robson, Chelmsford School Sport Partnership, said:

“We know that children have missed out on doing sport together and all the benefits it brings to healthy minds and bodies. In Chelmsford, together with Active Essex, we wanted children to experience a large-scale sports festival within their schools soon after returning from their extended summer holidays.

The teachers in Chelmsford were keen to take up the challenge of the Skip Hop Hurray day and have been teaching the children skipping routines as part of their 60 minutes daily activity. The children have enjoyed learning new jumps, getting fitter and simply playing outside with their friends. We hope the children will continue to have skipping as part of their daily routine and on Wednesday, music and fun is what you saw and heard on the fields and playgrounds of our Chelmsford Schools. We are grateful, as ever, to our long-term sponsors Beaulieu for the support in delivering the Skip Hop Hurray day for the community.”


Craig Luttman, Deputy Group Director of Development and Sales at L&Q said:

“Health and wellbeing is so important – now more than ever. That’s why we’re a proud supporter of the Chelmsford School Sport Partnership and it’s work on National Fitness Day. Sports and recreation can have a lasting positive impact on people, and that’s a lesson we’ve taken to heart at Beaulieu, where residents can enjoy sports facilities and over 180 acres of public open space.”


Dawn Emberson, Relationship Manager at Active Essex said:

“Physical Activity for children and young people has never been so important. With evidence revealing that unsurprisingly Covid-19 caused significant disruption to pupil’s lives, schools have worked tirelessly to welcome children back to the start of the new term and to embrace the new normal with a full curriculum offer. PE lessons in particular may seem slightly different but are essential alongside initiatives such as The Daily Mile, Essex School Games and todays ‘Skip Hop Hooray’ event in order to support children’s physical and mental health.”

One Chelmsford school celebrating National Fitness Day with ‘Skip Hop Hurray Day’ is Larkrise Primary School. Over 200 children from early years to Year 6 took part in the skipping festival in their bubbles on the school field.


Larkrise Primary School Headteacher, Lois Osborne comments on the importance of active habits:

“At Larkrise, we are challenging our pupils to adopt active habits through increased daily movement and play. We know that short bursts of movement can boost a child’s happiness, making them more likely to engage with learning and be successful. Skipping is a straightforward way for individuals of any age to get active. We are encouraging not only our pupils but our whole school community to get skipping!”


Martin Leach, Managing Director, Strategic Land, Countryside said:

“Beaulieu is proud to be a long-term supporter of the Chelmsford School Sport Partnership, which does fantastic work promoting sport amongst school students. In the last academic term, CSSP worked tirelessly to keep Chelmsford’s pupils fit, healthy and happy – all whilst operating remotely.

Beaulieu prioritises health and happiness within the community and so we are delighted to be supporting CSSP and Active Essex with Skip Hop Hurray Day. We congratulate the thousands of primary school pupils celebrating National Fitness Day by taking part in the skipping festival.”


For more information on Beaulieu please visit www.beaulieu.uk.com