L&Q prides itself on happy and satisfied homebuyers! Here you’ll find our new residents telling you about their home buying journey with us across the country!

North London

Juliet Finds Her Dream Home Through Shared Ownership

Following years of renting and a lockdown spent without access to outdoor space, Juliet Aitken, a personal assistant, had decided that 2021 was the year to move in by herself.

The second I stepped out at Park Royal and came up to this development, I fell in love with it!

After living outside London for a few years, moving to Gloucester and then overseas for work, when Anthonia returned to London in 2016, progressing up the property ladder seemed the right next step.

East London

From my new home, I now commute to my job in Woolwich by boat, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off!

Jordan was living at home with parents in Bexley, the neighbourhood where he went to school and spent the first years of his twenties, before deciding it was time to take his first step onto the property ladder.

Shared Ownership helped us to become joint homeowners

Danielle & Joe, went from colleagues to friends and now joint homeowners. They started their search in January 2022 and came across L&Q at The Silk District which met their search criteria of a modern newbuild with a buying journey of only 4 months!

From ten years of renting to enough space for a disco room in a storage cupboard

Lily had experienced her fair share of different living set-ups, from flat shares and staying with friends to a year in a converted church, it was through her best friends that Lily became aware of Shared Ownership.

South London

Floss & Joe in their L&Q Home

We locked in our mortgage a day before the rates rose!

After renting in London together for three years, Floss and Joe made the decision to buy their first home.

West London

After staircasing to 100%, I went looking for my next Shared Ownership home!

Jim was aware of Shared Ownership, having already bought a property using the Government scheme back in 2019. Knowing this route to home ownership would be an affordable and straightforward option for him, he started looking for his next property.


Shared Ownership made it possible to buy our first home together

Residents, Olivia and Jason, were looking to find a property that fit their requirements. While visiting Wixams, they found L&Q at Willow Grove which ticked every one of their boxes, and it was available with Shared Ownership scheme. Here is an insight on their experience of buying their home with L&Q, and what life is like at Willow Grove.


Reuniting the family with a new L&Q home in Reading

Residents Varun and Ankita relocated to the UK two years ago for Varun’s work, having spent 3 years living in Finland.


Shared Ownership was the stepping stone we needed to buying our home in Cambridge

Ben and Alexandra, had been priced out of the local market for homes despite years of saving. For the young couple, the offer of Shared Ownership made perfect sense. For both of them securing a house in which to showcase their style and with room to entertain their friends and family was key. Here is an insight on their experience of buying their home with L&Q at Marleigh.

Finding the perfect affordable home in Cambridge for our growing family

Newly married couple Katt and Dan, started their search for a new home last year in October for their young growing family. Having spent years renting a small two bedroom flat in nearby Edington, the family realised they were outgrowing the their flat quite quickly, The couple came across L&Q at Darwin Green and found exactly what they were looking for.


After purchasing a Shared Ownership home with L&Q once, I had to do it again!

It’s not very often that someone purchases twice at the same development, but that is exactly what Laura Lee, did at L&Q’s development in Chelmsford!

Young family find their perfect forever home at L&Q at Beaulieu

Leah and Kieran have always dreamt of buying a home at the Beaulieu development and with L&Q’s Shared Ownership their dream come true.

Shared Ownership helped us buy our first family home

After hopping around rental properties for several years, David and his wife, Toni, knew they wanted to get onto the property ladder when their son was born, but weren’t sure that they could afford to buy on the open market. With both of them key workers at the time, David and Toni were made aware of the possibility of Shared Ownership and found a home with L&Q.

Milton Keynes

Single parent finds her perfect home at Saxon Reach

Laura Lucas had been living in Milton Keynes since she was 19. Getting on the property ladder had always been an ambition, but as a single parent, she didn’t think buying a house was something that would ever happen for her until she found L&Q’s Shared Ownership scheme at Saxon reach.


The next step together with Shared Ownership

After living apart for the duration of their relationship, Tom and Liam decided they were ready for the next step and wanted to find a home of their own at L&Q’s Ashlawn Rise with Shared Ownership.

Shared Ownership made it possible for us to get onto the property ladder

Ross and Asha had been renting in the nearby village of Studley when they realised that now is the right time to buy their home together at L&Q at Consilio with Shared Ownership.

Local family make the move to Birnam Mews

Paul and his partner, Natasha Melling, had been renting in the Warwickshire town of Tiddington for 10 years, but their family were beginning to outgrow the property and they needed somewhere larger and more permanent to settle and found this at Birnam Mews.