Restaurant Director Iryna Chavs knew she wanted to live in Elephant & Castle – and was willing to wait for the right apartment to come up.

“I was renting privately in Bermondsey and I knew someone buying at Elephant Park! I thought I want something like that and knew that’s where I wanted to be, it was set in my mind. I got in touch with L&Q but they didn’t have anything left last June, all their homes had sold out.

“The sales team then called back in April this year and said do you want to come and look tomorrow – I said no, I’ll come now! I viewed on April 9th and had my keys on 25th May.”

Iryna bought 25% of a 2 bedroom apartment at L&Q at Elephant Park – a new residential development in the Zone 1 location, boasting central London’s largest new park in 70 years. She hasn’t wasted any time in getting to know her neighbours.

“I have the best apartment in the world – and it’s one of the best projects ever. It’s perfect – the water features are lovely, it’s so peaceful and romantic, especially in the evenings.

“Everyone is in their 30s or 40s, all around a similar age. We have a group and all know each other and invite each other for birthdays and drinks or just pop around for coffee.

“The area has everything you need. I’m in Zone 1 and it takes me 17 minutes to get to Lancaster Gate for work – I also always get a seat as it’s the end of the line. My favourite restaurant is a Brazillian called Tupi, it’s delicious, and there’s also a Columbian cafeteria and a place that does the best pastel del nata. And Mercado Metropolitano of course, I also like Bobo Social.”

Living on the 7th floor, Iryna’s new home boasts great views from the balcony – and she’s enjoyed making it feel like home.

“My apartment has been interior designed by my best friend – he’s an artist called Fabrice Lachant and has chosen all my furniture and done the paintings too.

“My daughter is coming to live with me at the end of this month – that’s why I pushed for this apartment so she can join me, she’s 15 and going to love it. When I sent her the video she went ballistic! It also gets lots of sun which is great.”

Knowing very little about Shared Ownership before she began her property hunt, Iryna feels she made the right decision when it comes to getting onto the property ladder.

“I didn’t know much about Shared Ownership but I did my research and it was right for me, I made my decision. If I was renting, I’d pay double for this apartment, even more, like £3000 a month.

“Shared Ownership can really change your life. I want to go home now, I never get bored and there is always people around.

“Jhon at L&Q is the best and really helped me when I was buying my home. He has such positive energy and he’s done a lot to help build this community, bringing people together.

“Shared ownership is the best buy of your life, it’s super amazing. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”