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How To Make Your L&Q Home Your Own

If you’re considering a home with us, it’s never too early to think about decorating, and how to really make your new home feel like ‘you’. Our new build homes are finished in neutral tones, creating the perfect blank canvas for your imagination to run wild.

Struggling to get started? We work with plenty of fantastic interior designers on our show homes, so sat down for a chat with Rebecca Hunt from Suna Interior Design. She gave us her top 5 tips on injecting your personality into a new home – read on to feel inspired…

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  1. A Pop of Colour

White walls are out, and bold colours are in! A fresh lick of paint can be an easy way to bring personality into your new home. Rebecca explains “whether you choose a strong feature wall or paint all walls, a band of colour is a great way to give your home personality.

“Don’t forget the ceiling too, it doesn’t need to stay white! If you’re building up the courage to use colour, then using it in the hallway, bathroom, or WC is an excellent way to bring some boldness into your home and make a statement.”

Scheme: Barking Riverside
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2. Get The Paint Brushes Out

“Artwork adds personality and can really bring life to a home. Choose large-scale prints, unique finds from local artists, graphic text-based art, or be brave and buy a large canvas from a craft store and get the paint out yourself!” Rebecca says.

Getting crafty and making your own art piece to hang in your home is the ultimate way to add individuality to your space. Painting your own unique picture can also be a really great activity to get the whole family involved in too.

Scheme: L&Q at Darwin Green
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3. Mixing, Matching, Layering

Choose both comfort and style in your new home by furnishing your space with cushions, throws and rugs. Rebecca encourages people to mix and match their soft furnishings: “Plumped-up cushions on the sofa, luxurious fabric throws on your bed, cosy blankets draped over an armchair. Layering pattern is a great way to make your home feel like it’s yours and yours alone!

“We recommend not being too co-ordinated with your softs; try mixing and matching colours or combining florals with geometric prints, which will help to make your home feel more curated and individual.”

Scheme: The Chain
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4. Patterns and Personality

If you’re looking for a slightly larger DIY project, turn your attention to wallpaper. Whether you decorate a whole room, or just choose to create a feature wall, an interesting wallpaper can really make a room pop – and the installation might not be as tricky as you think.

“Wallpaper might be a slightly more expensive way to bring personality into your home, but there is such a huge variety of wallpapers and murals now available that it seems a shame not to consider it. If you choose a wall or a section of wall as a feature, you can keep costs to a minimum for maximum effect.”

Scheme: Beauchamp Park
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5. Bringing the Outside In

“Plants, plants, plants. Nothing works better to bring life into a home than filling it with some greenery. Collect a few gorgeous ceramic plant holders together and fill with houseplants. Line up a few beautiful locally thrown pots on your kitchen counter and fill them with herbs from the supermarket.”

Not only do indoor plants add to the overall appearance of a room, but they can also improve air quality! Rebecca tells us “the biophilic benefits of greenery are proven, and by styling your home with your choice of favourite plant, whether that be cacti or succulents, peace lilies or a huge feature palm, you cannot fail to make a house feel more like home.”

Scheme: L&Q at Beam Park

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